Tainted Horde Productions is a semi-private and non-profit music label specialized in Black Metal based in Ankara, Turkey.

The label was established in 2017 by Sazakan as a community and evolved into a label afterward. The main purpose is to create a roof for unsupported creative and ambitious black metal bands. The label is not able to offer much since it is not money-oriented. The mentality of the label has been based on an anti-"metal brotherhood", anti-religion and support on depth in music stance since the beginning. This means that we will not embrace all metalheads just because they are into metal, we do not tolerate bands who praise Abrahamic mass-religions and we simply do not wish to "consume"  or endorse music that is solely in order to have fun, waste time or has shallow context to it. We value the depth, the atmosphere, creativity and the sincerity of the music.